Mallorca is an island and islands should be experienced outside and not inside. Yet there will always be days when the weather isn’t all that beachy or you are into something different than hikings or getting a tan by
the beach.

Of course you can visit the beautiful city of Palma or one of the cute markets. But if you want to make your
kids happy, want to see the best that the Mediterranean and our oceans have to offer Palma Aquarium is the
place to go. (i promise you: you will thank me later)
Make sure to reserve a whole day to visit this amazing landmark.

Here are ten reasons why you and your kids will love the Aquarium.

10 reasons why your kids will love Palma Aquarium:

1. All the VSCO-girls can take a selfie with a real SAVED sea-turtle.
2. There is a beautiful, sunny playground.
3. In front of the big aquariums are bean bags to play and enjoy the big aquariums
4. There is a beautiful Mediterranean garden with fish that can be fed together with one of the
5. The Shark-vision boat will show you how big sharks actually are (biggest one is 4 meters long). And
they will swim right under your feet.
6. The young ones can actually go and find Nemo.
7. Kids can imagine swimming with whales in the 3D Aquadome.
8. There is a real rainforest with parrots and a waterfall.
9. The gift-shop has the best sea-life toys.
10. All the musicians-to-be can go wild in the whales exhibition where they can learn to understand and
imitate the song of the whales.

10 reasons why parents will love Palma Aquarium:

1. There is parking right next door.
2. As every family-park they take your picture when you come in. Only, at Palma Aquarium they take a
great photo AND the profit goes to their foundation saving oceanlife.
3. The food is to die for. Not just fries and a burger but really nice food and lots of vegan options too.
4. There is a beautiful mediterranean garden where you can just sit and relax while your kids run around.
5. The guides are so knowledgable and will surely teach your kids and yourself new trivia about the fish.
6. There is a nice café next to the playground where you can relax while your kids play.
7. You can take the cutest pictures of the kids in front of the sharktank.
8. The park is stroller friendly, so just take your stroller with you in case the kids get tired.
9. The koi feeding will feel like a handmassage, which I’m sure all the ladies will like.
10. The fish are in tanks filled with natural coral and rocks. Even without the fish the tanks are stunning.

Have fun visiting the aquarium!