The struggle is real. Every household understands it. Every mother feels the pressure.

You have a family, kids and are determined to feel energetic, healthy and keep the kids happy!

But … what to cook in orde to obtain all of those AND keep the drama away from the dinnertable?

Toptips to make kids be more adventurous eaters:

  1. Let them make a vegetable garden of themselves. This can be small like a windowstill garden with a pot of cress or basil or a full garden with different vegetables and fruittrees. Though there might be some more input needed from you in the last version. 🙂
  2. Create a food calendar! Every day one member of the family can pick their own favorite dish. Makes shopping easier and when everybody is enthusiastic about the pick of the little ones they will be braver when it comes to your choice.
  3. Don’t “hide” vegetables in a menu. When us adults with fear hide the vegetables kids will pick it up as a bad thing from us. Let the veggies take on the main role.
    Kids often fall for a colorfull plate of simple raw or cooked and cold veggies. Just think about a plate of carrot slices, cherrytomatoes, cucumber slices, selerysticks, cooked and cold green beans, fresh peas (maybe even in their pod so they can unwrap them themselves), avocado in half with a spoon next to it, sweetcorn, …
    I assure you they will grow to love eating the colorful plate.
  4. I know evenings during the week can be hectic, but I’ve discovered the more kids sense you are stressed the more drama there will be.
    So forget about the pile of ironing and the day at the office and just sit down, relax, talk a bit and make dinnertime something to look forward to.
  5. Restaurant often don’t have the greatest kids menu. Just let them pick from the grow-up menu. Either split a maindish, order a starter of simply order a table full of tapas.
  6. Cook together with them! Show them how their favorite spaghetti is actually full of veggies. Let them pick the veggies they want to eat or ask them to find a very creative restaurant dish they want to recreate. Set the table beautifully and have fun with it.
  7. Use foodboxes during the week. It will save you time and you will get to know new dishes. Older kids can cook by themselves with the flashcards and often there are special menus for kids.
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