A relaxed hike starts with the right hiking shoes. And since you will be relaying solely on your feet for transportation, it is important to treat them well.

Choosing the right hiking shoes

I’ve tried many hiking boots, some better than others but my favorite kind of shoe remained the lightest trainer with the best support, especially since I have a weak knees.

Downside: when hiking through nature and especially mountains, it isn’t always clear what you will encounter … could be rain, rivers, slippery surface, snow, …

Berghen shoes

When I discovered the Belgian brand Berghen Shoes I couldn’t believe how light they were. They have great support, are totally waterproof and if water comes in from the top they dry out superfast.

Especially to me and the girls Berghen Shoes was a real lifesaver. I wasn’t hiking anymore with extra shoes with me, my oldest girls could use them with her arch supports and my youngest girl is happy because these shoes are the only ones not giving her blisters.

You can easily buy them online: