The north-west of Austria is just about as far as we are willing to drive for a weekend getaway from our home in Belgium.
But when we drive that distance it has to be the perfect weekend. This time we headed for LA SOA Chalets: a tiny chalet park with great facilities.

Day 1

Late afternoon we arrived and were treated to amazing weather. Though Austrian weather is always a challenge, this time we were in luck, the sun would be out all weekend.

While the kids immediately started exploring the playground we checked in and headed for our chalet.

It was stunning: A mountain backdrop, chalets fully constructed out of wood, a modern and equipped kitchen and a wonderful bedroom with private bathroom and balcony for each member of the family. There were even little bears as a welcome gift for the kids.

Talking about a playground with a view at LA SOA Chalets and Eventlodge.

Day 2

After a good night’s rest we woke up to the view of mountains, sun shining into our faces and a breakfast box delivered on our doorstep.

Happy and good to go we went to reception where our E-mountainbikes were waiting for us. LA SOA has them on site so you can simply reserve them and leave your car on site.

High quality E-mountainbike LA SOA provides for it’s guests.

The sweet lady from reception gave us the time to figure out the bikes and explained the best route to one of the landmark in the area. Her explanation and the many roadsigns were so clear we didn’t even need a map or GPS.

We were happy to hear we would hardly have to ride on the streets as the whole area has many separate bike paths running through fields and next to rivers.

It was a flat, beautiful and short bike ride to Tannheim where we took the dirtroad to Vilpalpsee. The road led us next to goats, cows, horses, a wild river, forests and meadows. We thought we had seen it all until we arrived at Vilalpsee where we were treated to a majestic view of a small colorful lake amidst high mountains. You can swim in the lake and there is a boat service and panoramic restaurant right at the foot of the lake.

The beautiful view when you arrive at Vilalpsee.

After a short break we decided to ride round the lake. It was an easy and fun path. We had the most fun biking on the side of the lake where the path at lake level was. The kids loved it and often drove through all of the puddles until they were soaken.

On the other side of the lake there was another restaurant, but we weren’t allowed to go there by bike. It was only for people following one of the beautiful hiking trails.

The sun was burning and we decided to go back to chill by the ‘Kristallbadesee’ at LA SOA.

After a well-deserved chill-out time we headed for the restaurant where the kitchen-team managed the perfect meal yet again. They take great care of dietary restrictions and aren’t set back by weird food requests from kids.
Ellis got a whole plate of cooked potatoes and mayonaise (her favorite). From that moment on she decided the restaurant was topclass.

Mountainbike trail round Vilpalpsee in Tannheimer Tal.

Day 3

There was some rain on the forecast for the evening so we decided to make an early start; grabbed our hiking shoes and hit the road to Tannheim.

LA SOA provides you with the Tannheimer card which gives you free acces to the cable lifts in summer.

Packed and good to go with Berghen shoes.

Our kids were very happy to see the cable lift taking them up since hiking hundreds of meters up a mountain is tiring for them.

It was also an adventure to get on top with the cable lift and a treat to see all of the beauty below us.

We chose an easy hiking trail for the day since I still suffered from an inflamed knee. A trail especially for kids, with lots of interactive games and information boards (perfect for worldschoolers).

On the way back we stopped by a panoramic restaurant where we enjoyed some cake and soup. There were relaxing chairs and goats running around freely.

The kids trail in Tannheim provides fun and games and still gives you epic views.

When the dark clouds started to appear we took the cable lift back down and headed for our chalet where we enjoyed some wellness time.

The kids played in their bedroom while I enjoyed the sauna and soaked in the outside tub with a glass of wine.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Outdoor tub at LA SOA Chalets and a glass of Austrian wine.

Day 4

After a few beautiful days of exploring we took a relaxing morning: packed our car, enjoyed the breakfast box (which was yet again filled with lots of delicious treats) and drove off to our next destination hoping to be back soon.

LA SOA Chalet and Eventlodge.

With special thanks to LA SOA Chalet and Eventlodge for a magical stay.

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