thermal water

When was the last time you had a relaxing weekend with your spouse? Enjoying a massage, having a delicious plate of food, a great glass of wine and let your body rest in thermal waters?

Being a mother myself I know very well how those precious moments of recharging are often pushed back. You already did a trip with the family, you feel guilty leaving the kids behind, you are breastfeeding or you just don’t know how to organise a multi-day babysit. And what to do about the dog?

The last few days we’ve spent an amazing mini-break in the north of Croatia. A great region with some of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever seen. And we didn’t have to leave the kids behind … or the dog.

At LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin wellness is a treat every member of the family can indulge in.

LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin

Honestly … I didn’t really know what to expect, but they really managed to give every member of the family what they needed.



An aquapark with slides; that alone is enough to keep the kids busy for days.

And the slides are for every age? YES YES YES! For the little ones there is a fantasy water playhouse. My kids (and me) loveeeeed the epic thrill slides. And everybody could jump in to play along with the organised games.

Round the pool are several options for food (including amazing fresh pancakes).

The pools with thermal water (which are separated and indoors) didn’t have games in it but my kids always find ways to keep themselves entertained. There were watersprayers, hydrojets and different shapes and temperatures.

The daily flow of my kids: go crazy on the slides for an hour and then warm up and chill for half an hour in the thermal baths. Back to step one. 🙂

Apart from the pools there was also a playroom and (very important) a FUN kidsclub!

Are you convinced this is a wellness break for kids? Otherwise just book a kidsmassage and drink a healthy juice afterwards.

LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin offers connecting rooms for families.


As adults and as parents we really value our together time. I really feel it makes us happier when we have time to chat and invest some time in just the two of us. This doesn’t have to be all day, but a few hours are great.


LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin really knows how to take care of that. We enjoyed great food, laughs and even had a thermal beer.

They have a classy restaurant where you can enjoy an amazing diner or you can go to the adults only wellness center. Entrance there is only for adults and limited acces due to blocks of 3 hours.

So we booked scrubs and massages and chilled in the cosy corners between sauna-sessions. I seriously loved the time we had together and when we got back the kids had the best stories for us.

Though the thermal pools and aquapark are busier they still are a great place to escape everyday life.

We had the best time joining the girls in their flow. This means we did some serious work-outs going up the steps of the slides over and over again.


Obviously pets aren’t allowed in the pools and the restaurants. But they were definitely taken care of. We mostly started our days with a run in the beautiful surroundings (watch out, very hilly) and next went for breakfast.

No problem for our pup as she loved passing by reception where they always provided home-made dog cookies.

Since the area is so pretty we’ve spent quite some time outdoors and our dog was superhappy to run along with us.


I’ve talked a great deal about what every group can do in this resort but let me tell you a bit on how LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin aims for familytime and how we made the best of it.

Thermal waters and aquapark

It is easy to spent a whole day just chilling in the pools. They have three thermal pools inside and three big jacuzzis. Outside there are 2 thermal pools.

The aquapark has three big outside pools too and lotssss of slides.

Both sets of pools have entertainment, food and relaxation chairs.

Together with the kids we had this great flow of swapping the aquapark with the thermal baths. The slides really are epic enough to keep an adult interested too.


LifeClass Sveti Martin provides in great daytrips for family. They have a small train that takes you to parks. For example an old watermill, through the vineyards, to a deerfarm and much more.

We opted to rent 4 of their e-bikes and enjoyed a great trip through the numerous paths you can find round the hotel. Sidenote: we were superhappy to have E-bikes as the landscape goes up and down the whole time.

Bike tourism is a great choice round this area. They have so many roads and the hotel also really supports green tourism.

We also very much enjoyed the little (coffee)bars around and the homely restaurants in the area.

The old watermill, with restaurant and nature playground of Mlin na Muri.

Round the table

Food is familytime for sure. At LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin they understand that and provide healthy family style food in their buffet restaurant. Every day we could choose from the saladbar, meat, fish, desserts, kids buffet and lots of little tapas.

As a mom trying to keep my family healthy and putting in an effort to make sure my kids still have a beautiful planet to live on when they have kids of their own, I really appreciate their rule to keep the food sustainable.

Almost all of the of the food served by LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin comes from within the region, it helps local businesses and shows their aim to be sustainable.


At LifeClassTerme Sveti Martin they talk about healthness. After staying there I totally understand where this word comes from. They make sure every member of your family feels better and you come closer together as a family.

Wellness is feeling good and happy while health is about what your body feels like on the inside.

After 3 days we definitely were in that relaxed happy place.

We will certainly be back.