I’m still in school now but one day I hope to become a nurse and care for children. I would love to entertain them with songs, dances, funny films and stories. I also want to make films and do designwork.

I’m definitely the creative one of the family, I dance, sing, draw, make little films and act all the time.

I also really love to go out and explore: I prefer travelling by tent and staying in the mountains.

The best place I’ve ever visited was Thethi, a very remote Alpine village in Albania.

One day I wish to visit Mexico. 

Fun facts:

– I got my name from my fathers collegue, he was called Aurelien.

– I’m really good with kids and I love to babysit.

– I make my own jewellery and sell it on Etsy.

– When I grow up I want to go and live with my nieces in a big house in London or Mexico.