They call me the baby because I’m the youngest of my family, even out of all of my cousins. 

​My life is filled with all kinds of shenanigans, but that keeps it interesting.

I love swimming in the sea between fish and I love watching them swim. It makes me very happy when we travel to places with warm seas to swim in. I also like horses and horsebackriding.

When I grow up I want to have a little farm with chicken, two cows (so they can keep each other company), two goats, guinee pigs, rabbits, cats, a dog, two horses and ponies, ducks and a hamster. And a big vegetable garden to feed everybody!

I like to travel, but hate cities. When we go to places with lots of animals I’m always happy. 

My dream destination is Australia, and last summer we did a short visit of the Swiss Alps … that I liked too.

Fun facts:

– I could crawl around the house and on the stairs when I was only 6 months old.

– Just like my mommy I always fall and stumble; my parents actually thought I wouldn’t be able to make it ’till my 6th birthday.

– I’m learning Arabic.

– I never want to sleep alone.