Meet our family


We are a regular family just like all of you … we love our kids, family and friends, we work, and try to make the best out of things.

Twelve years ago we decided to build our dreamhouse. We got totally sucked up into details and Daniel built it from the ground up. It was an amazing project and we got great satisfaction out of it at the moment but it faded slowly away.

Being the enthousiast Yentl is, she threw herself into natural living, herbology, healthy cooking and creating a warm and lovely home for our little family.

As our second daughter was becoming a toddler, the urge to travel more started to become bigger again and we took up our passion of making lovely adventurous trips again.

Life had changed though: we had a mortgage, two kids and Yentl stopped working to take care of our little ones. The budget shrunk but the lust for adventure didn’t. With creativity we managed to make the most epic trips on a way smaller budget.

As the time passed by we started to become even more resourceful on how to live and travel extra-ordinary within budget.

We share our story for inspiration just like all of you inspire us.