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Balkan Destinations

Croatia off the beaten path: Mainland

After having ticked off the biggest landmarks of Croatia , you will certainly love my tips for discovering Croatia off the beaten path. In the first article you got short descriptions on which landmark not to miss when visiting Croatia for the first time. I mean, you can’t go to Croatia without visiting the Plitvice …


Reducing Plastic On The Road

It was right before the global lockdown we visited Palma Aquarium but still our visit had a big impact on our everyday life. In the aquarium we had a very confronting encounter with a sea-turtle missing one ‘arm’. Reason: she was trapped in plastic. The Palma Aquarium Foundation saved her but she lost a limb. …


Roadtrip through the Moroccan Atlas

I always dreamt of travelling to Morocco … the scents, colors, culture … all of it appealed to me. Unfortunately my husband wasn’t feeling too much about driving through the crazy Moroccan desert. Yet, somehow, he took a chance on me; so we booked the tickets, arranged the cheapest car with the most expensive insurance …