Though I’ve always had a sense for adventure (even when I was a little girl) I knew I wanted to have children at a very young age. My dream always was to be able to quit my job able to care for them myself.

I was very luckily to be able to do so! And even more lucky to still be able to explore the world. We’ve always done it rather cheap and that is what I want to share with you!

My newest dream is to be able to live in all kinds of different places in the world volunteering. 

Fun facts:

– My restlessness is a direct gift from my father who plans a different trip almost every month.

– My grandparents were fugitives and I’m totally mixed nationality, what really makes me feel like I belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

– I love to dance and sing, much to the discomfort of the members of my family.

– I fall and trip and have weird accidents … all the time.