Many people think the perfect life exists out of two parents with a 'fullfilling' daytime activity, having enough luxury to keep them working for 40 years. They would be brunching, lunching and jogging; waiting to retire so they could see the world and enjoy their grandchildren. 

Kids are supposed to work hard in school and do lots of extra curricular activities so they are able to land even better jobs and spend even more time in the office.

Each year they would reward themselves with an expensive familyholiday, because they want to spend time together and because, let's be fair and honest about it: actually deserve some relaxation time.

Yet so many people get burn-outs or actually just want to enjoy their familylife more. But they feel they aren't doing a good job when their lives don't fit the above. Yet every family and every person is different.You are and so are we.

In the past we truly believed we were putting our kids and personal lives first.

Actually we weren't doing the greatest job.

Ten years ago we started to build a house and before we knew, we were totally caught up in the details of a traditional happy life. We were having days long discussions about what kind of doorhandles would suit our doors best and running around from dance class to parent-child art class and so on.

Two years later, when we finally entered a semi-finished house and our youngest girl was born, we started to see the ridicule of the life we were building for ourselves and changed it.

Yes, we did finish our house! No, we didn't have discussions about the perfect doorhandles anymore. We finished our house more basic and with better common sense than before.

We found out cheap could be equally nice and was great to reduce stress. It gave us a lower mortgage, less stress about breaking something, more room to travel and spend time together.

That is how we found out it is actually not the job and the stuff you collect that will give you freedom and happiness, but the time you get to spend with the people you love, doing the stuff you love.

The less time we spent worrying about the hustle of life, the more time we had to become creative and spend more time doing what we like.

We learned how to save money and how to travel cheap. If you want to know all about how we deal with life, just stick with us. 

Because you know what, we truly believe it is okay to do things differently!


I work as a software developer and really like coding, but that doesn't define every aspect of who I am. I actually also love construction and would have loved to build tunnels and bridges for a job.

I have a genuine interest in almost everything and love nature. 

Nature is where I find my rest and happiness. Especially the mountains give me peace of mind: I love the views, the air, the silence, the reality and the people that live there.

Fun facts:

- I'm raised bilingual, my mother spoke Polish and when I was sixteen I even had a Polish penpal

- I actually didn't like travelling all that much before I married Yentl

- When I like clothes or shoes from a specific brand and style, I will continue to buy the same piece of clothing over and over.

- Five years ago I broke my arm while snowboarding and I have a really badass scar now.


Though I've always had a sense for adventure, even when I was a little girl, I always wanted to have children. My dream always was to be able to quit my job able to care for them myself.

I was very luckily to be able to do so! And even more lucky to still be able to explore the world. We've always done it rather cheap and that is what I want to share with you!

My newest dream is to be able to live in all kinds of different places in the world volunteering. 

Fun facts:

- My restlessness is a direct gift from my father who plans a different trip almost every month.

- My grandparents were fugitives and I'm totally mixed nationality, what really makes me feel like I belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

- I love to dance and sing, much to the discomfort of the members of my family.

- I fall and trip and have weird accidents ... all the time.


I'm still in school now but one day I hope to become a nurse and care for children. I would love to entertain them with songs, dances, funny films and stories. I also want to make films and do designwork.

I'm definitely the creative one of the family, I dance, sing, draw, make little films and act all the time.

I also really love to go out and explore: I prefer travelling by tent and staying in the mountains.

The best place I've ever visited was Thethi, a very remote Alpine village in Albania.

One day I wish to visit Mexico. 

Fun facts:

- I got my name from my fathers collegue, he was called Aurelien.

- I'm really good with kids and I love to babysit.

- Once a Tik-Tok of mine was published on the homepage. It was from 'despacito'

- When I grow up I want to go and live with my nieces in a big house in London or Mexico.


They call me the baby because I'm the youngest of my family, even out of all of my cousins. 

My life is filled with all kinds of shenanigans, but that keeps it interesting.

I love swimming in the sea between fish and I love watching them swim. It makes me very happy when we travel to places with warm seas to swim in. I also like horses and horsebackriding.

When I grow up I want to have a little farm with chicken, two cows (so they can keep each other company), two goats, guinee pigs, rabbits, cats, a dog, two horses and ponies, ducks and a hamster.

I like to travel, but hate cities. When we go to places with lots of animals I'm always happy. 

My dream destination is Australia, and last summer we did a short visit of the Swiss Alps ... that I liked too.

Fun facts:

- I could crawl around the house and on the stairs when I was only 6 months old.

- Just like my mommy I always fall and stumble and my parents actually thought I wouldn't be able to make it 'till my 6th birthday.

- I'm learning Arabic.

- I never want to sleep alone.

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