Privic island harbour

Visit Sibenik! Probably the best decision we took this summer. We find it one of the most versatile regions of Croatia. It is perfect for a two-week holiday and VisitSibenik will definitely show you the best of this region.

They are the official travel company for your visits to Sibenik and surroundings and the best thing is … they are great at avoiding mass tourism.

With them you can see the Kornati Islands national park, Skradinski Buk, the beautiful islands in front of the coast and also feel free to inquite about private tours.

They run spacious and comfortable boats for groups of 10 and 12 persons and you might even be alone on a boat when going on their five islands tour.

As a mom doing a trip alone with two young girls safety is important. The boats are comfortable and are good quality. The boat driver appoints a seat to each and makes sure you are comfortable. There wasn’t a moment I felt unsafe during the whole trip.

Our girls loved the charming boatdriver as he truely made a spectable out of cruising his boat over the waves.

The islands you visit are all about traditions and are carfree, so no asphalt roads but all the more charm.

Sibenik Island Tour


Zlarin is known for his religious life, beautiful sea, hiking trails and cosy restaurants and bars.

Even in the harbour you will find clear waters and if you are lucky you might spot a sea-turtle.

Though my kids loved swimming in Zlarin (it has docks where you can jump off) I just strolled round the town all the time. It felt superrelaxing to just walk round the little streets and see the nuns hovering in traditional clothing. To sit and have a slivovice and watch the little boats in the harhour coming in and going out.


A fishermanns island, natural food, more clear Adriatic waters and really nice beaches and restaurants. Privic is quite big and you can walk to the other side by a path going uphill through the village and olivegroves.

This is also the island where Visit Sibenik offers a delicious meal with meat, fish or vegetable options.


Kaprije is one of the furthest islands in the Sibenik Archipelago, from there and on the way to there you can spot the silvery beauty of the Kornati-islands.

We arrived in Kaprije early morning, the perfect time to enjoy a coffee by the beach. I was happily surprised by the incredibly low prices on Kaprije. After our morning coffee we could see the sun rising behind the hills with stonewalls and olive trees and we walked up there. It is very enjoyable as Aurélie and Ellis could hop over the walls all the time.

There is a nice beach with shallow and clear water near the harbour.

Before our pick-up with the Anima Natura speedboat (how the Visit Sibeniks boats are called) we did a quick last glass of wine as Kaprije produces lovely wine.

And if you really can’t get enough of the island you can book one of the rooms and stay overnight.


Tijat … the island that still gives me shivers down my spine. The first thing you see when arriving in Tijat is the turqoise water below your boat. It is ridiculously clear and the color has a more beautiful color than anything you’ve ever seen.

We stopped in the harbour where we saw a beautiful bar and restaurant with the most chill and relaxed atmosphere. It looks a bit fancy and it is pricey but even with small children the staff is incredible and truely enjoys seeing kids having fun on ‘their’ island.

I strongly suggest drinking an ice coffee with alcohol as they make. These are superyummy.

Apart from enjoying ‘the good life’ it is easy to get lost on the foresty paths on the island. You will find beaches and even a mountain to ascent.

If there is an island that touched my heart forever it really is Tijat.

After getting back to the city of Sibenik it is lovely to just go and chill, enjoy the old city and fortress and when the sun sets it’s the perfect time for a glass of Babic and a romantic meal.

Next time we are in Sibenik we will definitely go and enjoy the Skradinski Buk and Kornati-islands with Visit Sibenik. Quality is unbeatable.

Special thanx to VisitSibenik, Anima Natura to host us on this splendid trip.

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